Saturday, September 20, 2008

Giveaways 9/20

MommyMandy - 6 winners will receive Alvin and the Chipmunks Classic Holiday Gift Set or Alvin and the Chipmunks: Alvin’s Thanksgiving Celebration - Enter here - ENDS OCT 5

MommyMandy - 5 winners will receive Lewis Black Root of All Evil DVD or The Godfather Box Set - Enter here - ENDS OCT 3

MommyMandy - 6" by 12" Wood Sign. Winner gets to choose colors and wording/design from Doodle Design Shop - Enter here - ENDS OCT 3

MommyMandy - 3 winners will receive Caillou's Winter Wonders DVD - Enter here - CLOSED

MommyMandy - 4 winners will receive $25.00 gift certificate to NMC Toys or Language Littles Doll from Tick-A-Too (winner chooses doll) - Enter here - ENDS OCT 2

MommyMandy - A 15" stuffed animal kit of your choice from The Zoo Factory - Enter here - ENDS OCT 2

MommyMandy - ONE winner will receive A Munny Journey, DIY Kit from Crea Baby Shoes, winner will receive a $50 dollar gift certificate to Twilite Moon, and a Grande Diaper bag from Bumkins. (Winner can choose pink or blue) - Enter here - CLOSED

An Ordinary Life - One winner will receive the ideal travel set that includes 6 essential mini handle makeup brushes with full size brush heads - Enter here - CLOSED

An Ordinary Life - $50 worth of Dole products to give away and a Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa DVD to one lucky winner! - Enter here - CLOSED

An Ordinary Life - Jif is giving one family the chance to win an entire basket full of goodies. In the basket you will get a couple of jars of Jif peanut butter, Jif nuts, a t-shirt, baseball cap, peanut butter spreader and a couple of other little things. - Enter here - CLOSED

Everything Up Close - any set of earrings (up to a $15 value) from Theresa Rose Designs - Enter here - CLOSED

An Island Life - Avatar The Last Airbender: The Complete Book 3 Collection - Enter here - CLOSED

An Island Review - a Quarter Membership to ListPlanIt - Enter here - CLOSED

Grammy Janet's Place - two winners will receive Let's Get Ready for Kindergarten Book or Let's Get Ready for First Grade Book - Enter here - ENDS OCT 4

NC Triangle Street Team - Your Choice of One (1) Office Set (a $10 value!) or $10 worth of supplies (your choice!) from Start To Finish - Enter here - CLOSED

SageandSavvy - 4 winners will receive 3 PakNaks each - Enter here - CLOSED

Babies Gotta Have It - $75 gift certificate to Katie and Company - Enter here - CLOSED

Mama Manifesto - carton of Honest Kids drink pouches, a sampling of the Honest Teas (8 of 'em), and one recycled pouch - Enter here - CLOSED

Laura Williams' Musings - Pillsbury Gift Bag - Enter here - CLOSED

Carbon Fiber Gear - Carbon Fiber Wallet - Enter here - CLOSED

Berrie Sweet Picks - Boon Snack Ball - Enter here - CLOSED

I think I missed some stuff because my browser closed as I was typing it out. It seemed like there was more. Frustrating

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