Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hump Day Reviews - Contour I + Beyond euphoric sensory set

I was recently able to try the awesome Contour I + Beyond euphoric sensory set by Jimmyjane. Thanks, EdenFantasys! The Contour 1 is made of porcelain so is very body friendly and the Beyond Euphoric cream is "as natural as naked" so I felt really good about using these products!

The Contour 1 is shaped sorta like a barbell and it is finished in a white glaze which keeps the porcelain smooth and easy to glide over skin. It can be heated or chilled for either a refreshing (cold) or relaxing (warm) massage. It is very light, but still quite sturdy, although I wouldn't suggest bashing it around (which would be pretty silly anyway) and remove rings because that would be both distracting and could possibly nick the porcelain which would ruin its nice smooth surface.

The Beyond Euphoric Cream was very nicely scented and slick enough for it to be a great massage cream. It didn't get sticky after rubbing for awhile. While the name of it made me think there would be a tingly sensation or something like that, I didn't really feel it. But it was still nice, and didn't leave me feeling I had to take a shower afterwards which I normally do with oils because I don't want to get my bed all gross.

In short this is a really nice massage kit, that I would definitely recommend! The instruction book did hint that the Contour could be used internally, I didn't try it. These products are also available separately (Beyond Euphoric Lotion and Contour I Massager) at EdenFantasys if you already have a massage stone or a favorite lotion! They also have other sensual love products to help make that special night extra special!

**This product was given me to review, this did not effect my opinion in any way**

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