Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Zula Patrol DVD Giveaway

We don't watch a lot of broadcast television, so when I was given the opportunity to check out some “Zula Patrol” DVDs, I went into it completely blind.

“The Zula Patrol” is an animated science-and-astronomy series for kids that airs Saturday mornings nationally on NBC, as part of qubo, as well as weekdays and weekends on public television stations. The main characters are a gang of aliens that patrol the universe, blast off on adventures and keep the peace -- while learning about science and astronomy along the way.

My daughter really enjoyed these and just now when I was loading up pictures for this review she told me it was her favorite. We received 2 DVDs: “The Zula Patrol: Animal Adventures in Space!” (released in June ’09) and “The Zula Patrol: Moons Mayhem” (released on Aug. 25).

I love how these are educational but remain very entertaining for little ones! I think we will definitely try to catch this on Saturday Morning and in the mean time these DVDs have made their way into our rotation! Both of these DVDs have 5 episodes each also bonus features including Sing-a-long songs!

There is also ZulaWorld.com (www.zulaworld.com) which is a fantastic virtual world for kids 6-10 that features science-and-astronomy-themed games, activities, global missions – and more! – developed by the folks at Zula in collaboration with IBM. USA Today called it “a great addition to the kid virtual world market.”

What a lucky day for some of you! One of my winners will win the 2 Zula Patrol DVDs I got to review, and Ten others will win one month VIP memberships to ZulaWorld.com!

If you have problems submitting via the form, you can enter via comments.

Please resubmit the entry form for each entry.

Now for the rules (yes, rules are tough to live by!):
  • In order to qualify, I need you to let me know What is your favorite part of www.zula.com?
  • If you don't have a blogger account, no problem! Just be sure to include your email address!
  • Last, this is very important, you need to include an email address. If you win and you don't have your email in your entry, I can't contact you and that will be sad for both of us! (I promise not to sign you up for any spam mail or anything!)
Extra Entries:
You can receive one extra entry for each of these:

The Deadline for entry is Oct 6th at 11:59:59PM CST!


  1. There wasn't a place on the entry form to write a comment. So I am posting here in hopes of that being your intention.

    We take the kid's to get all the school supplies, Shoes and backpacks separately. That was they have their own special day.

  2. My favorite is meteor blast. My e-mail's on my blogger account.

  3. The museum exhibit is my fav part


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