Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hump Day Reviews - Delicious Kisses

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Welcome back to Hump Day Reviews, I have the winner of the Mademoiselle Noemie Giveaway that I hosted last week! The winner is #104-Sonya. There were a total of 148 entries with 127 valid entries. Thanks for making my giveaway a success guys, I hope you guys had fun thinking about what you find to be luxurious!

I have found a lot of edible products to end up tasting like chemicals or to have a REALLY nasty aftertaste, its hard to be having fun when you are asking for drinks to get the gross taste out of your mouth.

Recently, I was able to try Delicious Kisses by Little Genie, and I was not disappointed. The directions are simple: Spray Delicious Kisses wherever you want to be kissed and licked. I tried it expecting there to be a nasty taste but the Raspberry flavor was very good (I did not try the other 5 flavors), it tasted really juicy. It also was non-sticky and non-greasy. Which is definitely a bonus, I don't want to take a shower immediately after I have sex!

There are six flavors available which are Almonds, Peach, Strawberry, Raspberry, Vanilla, and Watermelon. So you will definitely find a flavor that you enjoy. Also this product is made only from water, fruit flavoring, and sugar substitute. The sprayer did not clog, it sprayed evenly although I do wish there was a way to warm it up as it was shockingly cold, once I got warmed up.

My husband and I both enjoyed this product, and helped make oral stimulating each other a lot more fun.

Thanks Eden Fantasys for providing a tasteable product we weren't disappointed in! Eden Fantasys is a great source for your sex toys, adult books and your vibrator needs!

The last relationship I had before I met my husband was with a woman. I suppose that makes me how does that translate into the marriage?

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