Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Eden Fantasys - Mini Tongue by Lady Calston

Today on Hump Day Reviews, I have a pretty awesome product to share with you.

How many of you enjoy oral sex? I really enjoy it, but sometimes I just don't feel like reciprocating. Unfortunately, it is very hard to simulate oral sex in a sex toy. After checking out some reviews on Eden Fantasys, I had to try out the Mini Tongue Vibe!

Let's get over the laughter, yes it is pretty funny looking. In fact when I opened up my box from Eden Fantasys, my husband busted out laughing. It it pretty much a tongue sans mouth.

I found the texture to be very close to that of a real tongue. In order to make it feel like real flesh, it is made of trueskin. The tongue itself is approx 3 inches long. With lubrication (water-based because of the trueskin material), the feel is pretty authentic. I would say the lubricant is a must because it wasn't at all comfortable without the lubricant, which seems obvious because oral is wet! I find it is good for warming up or just for solo fun.

The toy has 3 different speeds, and takes 3 AAA batteries (although according to the documentation that came with it an AC adapter is available). It also comes with a bullet that plugs in directly into the tongue vibe, it is really nice to use in conjunction with the tongue. Although, the tongue is very much the star of the show. The one drawback of this is when both are being used the tongue is effected slightly by the power drain of bullet but not enough to be a big deal.

It is very easy to wash with antibacterial soap and water after you use it, just be sure to let it dry before you store it.

All in all, I would say that this would be a wonderful investment if you enjoy oral but can't get it all the time or you want it without the hassle!

Thanks again Eden Fantasys, for sharing your exciting sex toys with me and my readers!

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