Wednesday, September 16, 2009


A lot of people suffer from back pain, back pain is really hard to deal with because it is very hard not to use your back. It is used in just about any movement, even sitting relies heavily on your back muscles.

Back2Yourself has a program to help you rid yourself of backpain by preforming exercises that are geared to your back. You don't need to take prescription drugs or expensive chiropractor adjustments.

All it takes is 20 minutes of back exercises daily to start yourself on the trail of living back pain free! Every day these exercises are different and are video instructed so you know you are doing them correctly. After each routine, you fill out an evaluation form which allows Back2Yourself and you to track your progress. It is a real program and not just a bunch of exercises thrown together.

They also have a $9.95 10-session trial available so you can try it out before getting the whole kit and kaboodle! The cost of subscription is $79 every 3 months which is quite a bargain considering all that you miss out on when your back hurts, not to mention copayments and trips to the doctor when you should be living and enjoying your life!

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