Friday, August 14, 2009

PK24: Vaginal Relaxation Solution

Very rarily do you see a cream that is used to increase vaginal tightness/sensation with a clinical trial, pk24 has just that! Not only is it backed by a clinical trial, it is the one and only product with such a distinction. The cream is formulated from a proprietary blend of plant extracts designed to hydrate the interior vaginal walls and create a tightening effect lasting up to 24 hours. In the clinical trials, 78% of women reported an increase in satisfaction with their ability to reach orgasm when using pk24. The cream takes about 10 minutes to take effect (this is plenty of time considering foreplay!) and the effect lasts for 24 hours! The tightening effect increases friction and thus increases sexual stimulation for you and your partner!

Vaginal Relaxation is a normal side effect of both age and childbirth, so I know a lot of moms who feel like they could use a little help! pk24 comes with a 100% money back guarantee if you aren't totally satisified! There is not much to lose in trying it and hopefully increase your sex drive! Pair this with Kegels and you could see some awesome results!

Here is a testimonial from a doctor:
"I hope more women…become educated about your product. When appropriate, I have recommended it to my patients as a surgical alternative or in conjunction with Kegels. I cannot say enough about how wonderful you and your product are."
— Dr. Elizabeth M. (B.S., M.S., Pharm.D, Ph.D)

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  1. Thanks for the article on PK24, I liked the one on kid science too


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