Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hump Day Reviews - C-Rings and Titan Brushed Steel Ring

On today's Hump Day Reviews I am going to talk a bit about C-rings. C-rings are one of the many sex toys that are great for beginners.

C-rings bind the penis and testicles, trapping the blood in the penis which causes a firmer, longer lasting erection, with more sensitivity. They come in several different styles, some strap on, some seperate the testicles, also there are those that include vibration to help stimulate the clitoris during vaginal intercourse (such as the The 3-way).

The beginner ones such as Fresh five snap blue C-ring strap around the base of the penis and behind the testicles. If you are new to these, look for styles that can be removed and adjusted easily. These are also great for beginners because they can be put on while erect. Make sure the strap is tight enough to be quite snug but still comfortable (it shouldn't be painful to your partner).

If you are using a nonadjustable style, it needs to be put on while the penis is flaccid, by holding the rind below the testicles and inserting the testicles one at a time, then push the penis through. These will only come off if he loses his erection. For this reason, Metal rings are NOT recommended for those who aren't very familiar with the use of C-rings.

Thanks to Eden Fantasys, I was able to try the Titan Brushed Steel C-ring from Gear Essentials, it really appealed to me because of its sleek, plastic free design. While my husband doesn't have a problem with maintaining an erection sometimes it is a lot of fun (for me) to make him last longer, he enjoys the added sensitivity.

First thing the struck me was the storage tin, it was very nondescript, in fact I remember now seeing the SAME container at my male friends house just thinking it was a cool tin he had (I know now ::wink::). The logo is really manly and cool, and the tin has a bed of squishiness to rest your C-ring on during storage.

Upon actually seeing the ring on and off, I really love the Brushed Steel, it is like pain free penis jewelry. It took a bit of work to get it on, but we eventually realized I needed NOT to help because it didn't help with the whole flaccid thing.

I was worried about whether it would have the same effect as a stretchy plastic ones, but it worked just as well! The erection lasted quite long and the size was nothing to laugh at. My husband and I both enjoyed it and would definitely recommend it to those who are old hats with C-rings!

I really appreciate the opportunity to try out this product, we had fun! Thanks Eden Fantasys!

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