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Hump Day Reviews - Reviewing the Reviewers

One of the things that sets Eden Fantasys above the rest of the other sex toy sites is their reviewer community. Most of their reviewers are are normal everyday people just like you and I, I find it very valuable to know I can get some real opinions on products that are commonly touted to be awesome but pale in comparison to reviews by women and men in the adult industry for pay.

Nearly all of Eden Fantasys products are accompanied by a review answering pretty much any questions you might have about the product. Allowing you to make an educated decision, whether your question is “What is this thing even for?”, or “How do I clean this?”, or “How many batteries does it take and what kind?”, and the all important “Is this worth paying for?”

Odds are if you are looking at something, someone has done the testing for you. This is above and beyond any other sex toy shop. I can't tell you how many times I have spent money on a toy from our local place and just hated it (or it burned like the fires of hell upon insertion, straight into the trash). Also, this is important to have reviews because sex toys are non returnable for obvious reasons, so if you hate it you tend to be stuck with it. I am sure that I have also told you that our local shop definitely isn't cheap! A lot of times I can see the same product on Eden Fantasys for at least 20% cheaper!

They have quite a few great reviewers there including one who has done over 100 reviews (Sleeping Dreamer)! That's practically reaching sex toy expert status!

Some of my most trusted opinions come from mamastoys. She has tested a lot of products from this Heart Warmer Massager to Heart Shaped Ice Cube Trays! From the good, the bad, and the ugly she has reviewed a lot of products! Her bio says:

“Happily married for 25 years. Toys have added excitement and increased frequency to our sex life. Since we are comfortable in our relationship and with each other, we feel that adding new products/ideas to our lives will ensure that we stay committed to each other in the years to come.”

and she means it! Her reviews are vital for those toys intended for couples and I really value her honest opinions. Her reviews are focused on couples play and marital relations I prefer to purchase products that others have done the work for me and in the end recommend it. That way I don't come up with a dud that I will never use again. I find her point of view very important when I am seeking out things that I want to try with mu husband.

Another review that I enjoy reading is Jimbo Jones, his bio says:

“Jimbo is married with a few kids. They are a handful, so sometimes it is tough for he and his partner to find "alone time", so when they get some, they want to make it as much fun as possible. That's where sex toys come in. Jimbo has enjoyed toys for quite a while, but just recently started ardently looking for ones that were more satisfying. One of the exciting things in life is getting to try out new things in the bedroom, and new toys can make that happen more often. “

So like many of us he knows what it is like to try to fit in time for sex. His reviews focus on a man's perspective. He does a lot of reviews for C-rings (ex. The Omega Engraved C-ring or the Silver Ribbed C-ring) which help a man with lasting longer and a lot of them include vibrating bullets which help the women to find sex to be extra exciting as well! He can help you shop for a cool toy for your hubby!

The last review I want to share with you is “Cinnamon Chambers”. In her bio she says

“I am 29, and love trying new things! Toys are a great way to explore your self and your partner. They are always there for you, will never break your heart, and love it when you are in control. I am a modern day June Cleaver, married to G.I. Joe and just living my own American Dream!”

I also love her tag line that says “Stimulate yourself and the sex toys!”. She has close to 100 reviews (99 as of this posting). I love her review of the Liberator Shag Throe, I really need one (or two) of these! She has a lot of great reviews for “accessories” such as lubes, massaging oils, and other romantic products like KamaSutra's offering. She is definitely the reviewer you want to check out if you are trying to make that special night extra special or you just need some help keeping things slick!

Those are only 3 of the many reviewers that are posting reviews regularly in the Eden Fantasys community. Their reviewers are what makes Eden Fantasys so fun and informative. Do some browsing and find some products that will help make your sex life more fun!

Thanks for stopping by Hump Day Reviews, I had a lot of fun “reviewing the reviewers” and I will be back next week for another Hump Day Reviews!

What about you readers? Do you find reviews important for your “intimate purchases”?

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  1. I absolutely look at the reviews - it is important, because, as you say, for obvious reasons, you cannot return an item and if you don't like it - you are stuck with it. It's not like you can give it to a friend!!! That would be some friend if you could......... hhmmm??


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