Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hump Day Reviews - Interactives Mini Dolphin

I really wanted to love this product, I wanted a "couples" vibrator to use during the act to make sex even more fun. It didn't really work out all that great.

It has multiple settings and speeds, it is pretty quiet (of course it gets a bit louder with the more intense speeds). It has 10 different variations of vibrations and pulsing and 5 different speeds, making it quite versatile. Also, it is waterproof, so using it while relaxing in a hot tub would be cool (now I just need a hot tub!) The straps that hold in the dolphin in place would fit most women, so I don't think you need to be a skinny minnie (I'm not) to use this.

While this was fun to use solo, it didn't work out very well during sex. I am pretty sure it is just my anatomy but in order for it to hit my clit, it got in the way during sex, to the point where I got frustrated and took it off.

Unfortunately I can't recommend the Interactives Mini Dolphin because I found it best for solo play, it definitely got the job done. I loved that it had multiple settings and speeds, etc. I didn't like the cords, and didn't like the inability to move it around. As for solo play, I would prefer a standard vibrator or my Fluttering Butterfly.

Although, I have considered flipping the dolphin around so its nose is pointing down, maybe it will be less in the way and work better for couples play.

Thanks so much for the opportunity to review this product Eden Fantasys (the mom-friendly place to shop for sex toys, vibrators, and other fun stuff)!

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  1. I really enjoy your hump-day reviews... I look forward to them every week and share them with the hubs and with my best friend. Thanks for having the guts to put this on your blog!! :-)


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