Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hump Day Reviews - G-spot Pink

This week I have another glass product to share with you on Hump Day Reviews. This one is the G-spot Pink from Eden Fantasys!

This is a long line of G-spot products I have been trying lately, I originally tried a G-spot vibrator with a very curve. It did nothing special for me (other than what a standard vibrator does) and I assumed that my G-spot just didn't work the magic I had heard about from so many women. I didn't want to waste my time or money on another G-spot product only to be disappointed.

Long story short, my husband eventually “found” it and I realized the product I originally tried was not a good product for my G-spot so I decided to try other dildos. The curve on this G-spot dildo is very extreme and I believe it could find anyones G-spot!

It is a lovely shade of clear pink, has a good deal of heft to it, and the packaging is very simple. This dildo is double-ended with two very different sides allowing for 2 different types of stimulation. The bulbed end measures 3”, while the curved end measures 4 ¾”. There is a raised ring seperating the two ends. The bulbed end I would consider to be nice for warm up play, while the curved in seems to be only useful for G-spot stimulation.

The Bulbed end makes for a great handle when using the curved end, although much like other products for G-spot stimulation, I found it a bit difficult to get it facing the right way without a “spotter” aka my husband helping.

This can be warmed and cooled like other glass toys , and also have the same ease of cleaning! This would due best in a cushioned bag (not included), and you should take care not to drop it, although it is quite sturdy better to be safe than sorry!

I would have loved this to have a storage method included, but in general I am pleased with this toy that while it is simple looking can be used in a variety of fun ways. I am pretty much sold on glass toys, you should try one of the many available on Eden Fantasys!

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  1. I'm so glad you are doing these revies, I never know what to buy, and they are not really that cheap to just purchase on a whim.... Thanks for the help.


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