Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hump Day Reviews - Topsy Turvy and Glass/Pyrex Toy Info

Welcome back to Hump Day Reviews! Today we're going to talk a little about glass/pyrex toys! These are environmentally responsible, very easy to maintain and sanitize, and also a lot of them are almost works of art and can be mistaken as such.

Pyrex/Glass toys are free of Phthalates (which are used to soften PVC vinyls). Phthalates are not chemically bound to the plastics they soften and because of that they break free from the plastic pretty easily, causing the toys to deteriorate over time. Which is what I suspect causes that “tacky” feel to toys after awhile. Until sex toys are regulated there are a few things to keep your toy use safe for your health by using toys made by manufacturers that make their toys with high quality parts and ingredients. A good source is definitely Eden Fantasys they have awesome high quality vibrators, and various other sex toys.

Pyrex and Glass have no pores, so it doesn't absorb anything. So when you sanitize it, this material is unable to transmit disease or smell. It doesn't stain and it will last a life time as long as you treat it gently. Colored Glass is also safe to use as long as the coloring is actually incorporated into the glass and not spray painted on.

The Pros for Glass/Pyrex are:
  • a slippery surface which allows for easy penetration vaginally or anally (I can't recommend orally I imagine you could hurt your teeth

  • lack of pores in the surface means it doesn't absorb lubricants meaning you don't have to use as much

  • you can sterilize it easily between uses

  • odor resitant


  • can be very visually stimulating

  • can be warmed to provide extra pleas

In order to clean these all you need is a nonabrasive antibacterial hand or dish soap, rubbing alcohol, bleach, or just plain boiling water! You don't need any special cleaner for Pyrex/Glass (as long as it is nonabrasive). The easiest method is to just throw it in the dishwasher! Make sure that after using any of these methods, that you are sure to rinse well with warm water.

Pyrex is a great material for sex toys. They make wonderful gifts and are very much works of art. In my local shop glass/pyrex toys are expensive to the point of being ridiculous. Eden Fantasys, however, sells theirs for a very reasonable price! Considering that these toys can last forever with proper care it is definitely a good investment for your sexual health!

I was recently able to try a great toy from Eden Fantasys called the Topsy Turvy. I was previously unable to find a glass/pyrex toy that was both not too obviously resembling of a penis (not a fan of too realistic looking toys) and was affordable. At $49.99 this is definitely in the affordable range.

This is a very pretty product and my husband wasn't even sure what it was! With a swirly design up the shaft and little embellishments at the base (that allows it to stand up on its own), this could honestly be kept on your nightstand if you are so inclined.

This particular dildo is made to stimulate the G-spot and the angles and weight of it really helps to facilitate that! The base allows it to be held in a variety of ways which made it really comfortable for me to use because I have some wrist issues since breaking it years ago. The length of this dildo is about 9 inches with about 6.5 inches of that being insertable, it is 1.5 inches in diameter (so maybe not great for "size queens"). It can be a bit of an issue to make sure it is inserted at the proper angle for G-Spot stimulation after insertion, so would be awesome to use with a partner.

I really enjoyed trying this product, I am really pleased that it will last forever. Considering some of my previous favorites that I had to stop using because they got “tacky” and it grossed me out to use them at that point.

You can check out the Topsy Turvy or their other glass toys at Eden Fantasys! These are definitely worth the very affordable cost!

Thank you to Drew and Eden Fantasys for the opportunity to try this product!


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