Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hump Day Reviews - Devine Toy Box

Welcome to Hump Day Reviews sponsored by Eden Fantasys (wonderful place for sex toys and all your sex education needs)! Today I am discussing toy storage! We mommies have to worry about little eyes and hands finding our toys and I can only imagine when they find them it will be horribly embarrassing!

Prior to getting this Devine Toy Box I stored my toys in a far less pretty place, I put them in zip lock bags in a foot locker. Definitely not easy to lug around, but secure. This option is both portable, pretty and secure. It will fit what I would estimate to be about 10 smaller toys or vibrator.

While this does come with a lock and set of keys, it is of the variety that came with our diaries when we were younger. The know the kind you can open with a paper clip? I replaced it with a better quality padlock!

My particular box is fuchsia with faux black leather with corset lacing, this was my favorite of what they have to offer! They have choices that include Black with either purple or red lace, pink with hearts and faux crocodile skin. There is a choice for whatever your tastes

This is definitely a discreet and secure method of storing your toys and I would definitely recommend it to those who are just starting a collection of toys!

What about you? How do you store your toys? What problems have you come across during toy storage?

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