Sunday, May 3, 2009

Where am I?

I have been so busy with work, quitting smoking, and various other obligations to do pretty much anything online.

I am still here people but my top priority lately is to quit smoking and stay quit. Right now, I have to keep busy to not think about smoking.

I will be back to posting daily contest lists after the end of the Baseball season, I will be back to entering contests again when I feel comfortable with putting myself in a situation where it is hard not to think about smoking.

I have a few reviews coming so I will get those posted soon. I hope to post something besides my Inbox Giveaways list at least weekly!

I miss you guys!


  1. Hi! I see your name all over the Blogosphere but I've never been here! I just followed you and I see that you belong to SiTS to so I'm fulfilling my obligation by saying hi!!! Have a great day & Good luck with quitting smoking! I need to too!

  2. Good Luck-quitting smoking! Just wanted to say Hi to a fellow OK blogger and say I'm your 100th follower-Yay! Hope we can follow each other-Layta!

  3. HI:) wondering where you are and how you're doing!


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