Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Smart Balls and The Boss!

This is an adult product review!

I have two more products from Babeland to tell you about tonight. I have had a lot of fun over the past few weeks with these products!

One of them is the Smart Balls, this product is used to help you exercise your PC muscles. Those of us with children know how important this is! Not only will exercising them help with those leaks when you sneeze, etc but it also makes sex more fulfilling for you and your man.

I really like the design of these and the video (no nudity) really helped me decide on wanting to give these a whirl. There are also what feels like ball bearings inside the balls, that move when you move. If it is your prerogative to leave them in all day it will remind you that you should do your kegels (I am not sure why else they would be there) Honestly, I should have tried this sooner because this has helped my already awesome sex life and that says a lot.

One of the many exercises is inserting the “balls” and squeezing your muscles like you are trying to stop peeing and while squeezing pull on the string. For something a little harder you can insert them and try to push them out.

Have some fun and do something for yourself, this will also help to prevent future incontinence when you get older. Which I am pretty sure everyone would lie to prevent.

The next product is The Boss Gspot vibrator (no picture because it is obviously not safe for work), I am normally not a big fan of Gspot vibrators because I don't like the way most of them look. Skinny with an extreme curve on the end, I really like the aesthetics of The Boss because it looks phallic which is a change and the design of is just cool.

Another problem with other gspot vibrators is that I could never find it with a vibrator. It just felt awkward. With this I was able to find it within minutes and it is amazing what vibration can add to the already intense sensation.

I would definitely consider this if you are searching for your Gspot or you know just want a cooler looking “gspot vibrator”! Unfortunately I don't have a link for The Boss, but here is a link for the Boss Lady which is of similar design and actually appears to have a bit better controls. I will add the link for The Boss when I find it!

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