Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pocket Purifier: The Green Way to Sanitize

If you are anything like me I cringe at the thought of germs when out and about. I don't worry so much at home because we know where our germs have been. I definitely make sure the door knobs in and out of the bathroom and our kitchen surfaces are clean.

When I first received the Pocket Purifier, I wasn't quite sure where a non mysophobe (a person with an abnormal fear of filth or dirt) would use this. I soon found a whole group of things that I would really need this for!

I carry my Pocket Purifier in my purse, and use it as a chemical-free and environmentally-friendly way to sanitize things like the door knobs in my home, our toothbrushes, telephone receivers, my makeup brushes, and my youngest little toys when she drops them in the mall, etc. This definitely saves me money on sanitizing wipes, and antibacterial gels (like Purel). Plus it has a flashlight which is doubly handy when trying to get the keys in the door when trying to get in the car, which keeps me from getting my hands gross with road dirt.

Also, I am not sure if you know this but computer keyboards are disgusting and full of germs, I believe they are nearly as bad as a bathroom! Eww. At work I share a computer with several other people, one of those people is always sick, so it was nothing to pull out my Pocket Purifier and give my keyboard a quick light show! This would be perfect for at the library too, or on your video game controllers, or your cell phone, this list is endless!

This is definitely an awesome product that I can't see myself living without, and would definitely be useful for those of us who have little ones who still use a pacifier or who still put EVERYTHING in their mouths.

Here's some info from the company which explains how it works:

Pocket Purifier™ is the best environmentally responsible way to kill germs without chemicals. Using a built in 4 watt germicidal ultraviolet light, the Pocket Purifier™ deactivates the DNA of bacteria, viruses and other pathogens destroying their ability to multiply. It has a specially designed UV-Lid™, which helps avoid any harm of ultraviolet light to eyes and skin and also enhances the germ-killing function.

What’s best about Pocket Purifier™ is that it is suitable for purifying some of the most germ laden objects such as pacifiers, cribs, strollers, toys, telephone sets, remote controls, door knobs, and most everyday items. Pocket Purifier™ is produced by Purely Products, a green products company that focuses on identifying, developing and distributing innovative and environmentally friendly products that contribute to healthy lifestyles.

Buy It: The Pocket Purifier [MSRP: $29.95] is available online at as well as and

In short this is worth your money, especially when you are trying to be environmentally responsible. This is better than spraying Lysol all over and there is no need to rinse out who knows what is in that stuff from your babies (or your things).

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