Friday, April 3, 2009

Eden Fantasys Review


I was recently able to review the Fluttering Butterfly “rabbit vibrator” from Eden Fantasys. This is an awesome vibrator! Normally, I would post a picture but kids like to wander close by when you are looking at something you don't want to see. Like Christmas, Birthday shopping, sex toy shopping, etc, so click the link when the coast is clear.

This is obviously not the Fluttering Butterfly, this is the I've Never Game ($20.99), which I have personally played and paid more for, it's a good time!

The Fluttering Butterfly is waterproof, multifunction, and multispeed. It rotates, vibrates, and pulsates! It practically does everything but the dishes! If you find one that will, let me know! There are something like 16+ different configurations for this thing!

Let me tell you, I had one similar to this and it cost significantly more than the $49.99 the Fluttering Butterfly goes for, it wasn't nearly as customizable and it didn't have nearly as much power! This would be awesome for you to try if you tried this style previously and weren't thrilled by it!

I only had 2 minor problems with this. One being that it doesn't save your settings for you, second is that you can't shut it off quickly. These are just minor tweaks that would take it from awesome to out of this world.

In general, I consider sex toys and games, etc to be a great way to spice up your sex life with your man! He will definitely enjoy it and you will too. A major part of any relationship is a healthy sex life, when you have great sex with your husband you are happier and that means everyone is happy! The saying “If Momma ain't happy, noone is happy” is the honest truth.

Throw some excitement back into your life and give Eden Fantasys a good browse, I am sure you will find something to light up your (and hubby's) night!

product picture
Rabbit vibrator by Nasstoys
Material: PVC


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