Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Children and their Understanding: Madeline Spohr

Today, I was really sad. Everytime I stumbled across something about Baby Maddie on the blogosphere, I cried. I cried as if a friend died. I didn't know her personally, but I knew of her struggles staying healthy after her premature birth. I remember laughing at her pictures and smiling along with that gorgeous smiling face with the eyes like saucers.

I was making a donation to the MOD in memory of Maddie as many of you have, and my youngest asked, always intrigued by other babies, "Who's that, mama? I like that one!" I told her that she was an angel, my daughter said "She lives with God?!" And I told her that she does now, because god needed another little angel. Then my 3 year old told me, "its alright Mama, baby is with God!"

And she is with God, my little girl who could have joined God herself not very long ago put this all in perspective for me. Her mother is without a doubt dying inside right now, but little Madeline Spohr is sleeping well in God's arms tonight. She will never be sick again and one day her family will see their sweet baby girl in heaven again.

I am praying that the family will have peace, I am praying that God will hold them in his arms and give them solace. And I pray that one day all babies will be born healthy and stay healthy.

Sleep well, Maddie.


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