Friday, April 3, 2009

Bangerang Bakeshop Review

I love cupcakes, I love them a ridiculous amount it's the only cake I can eat and not feel guilty because it is built in portion control. When I learned I was able to review Bangerang Bakeshop I was very excited!

Bangerang Bakeshop has tons of different varieties from Banana Butterscotch Bad Boys (YUMMM!) to Plain Jane in a Party Dress Cupcake. There is something for you no matter what your taste is. All of her delicious treats are made from high quality ingredients from the finest vanilla to organic eggs, you know you are getting the best! They also have vegan and sugar free options!

I received a Vanilla Dream Cupcake in the mail packed nicely in a glass jar with ribbon ties around it. A delicious treat wrapped up like a gift to me. Now since I am Weight Watchers I waited until I had points available, using much restraint I put it up on the fridge for later. They are shelf stable for up to 7 days (they can also be frozen for up to 10 weeks), I waited at least 5 and it was still incredibly fresh!

When I finally was able to pop it open the smell was mouthwatering. It was delicious, moist and had just the right amount of frosting. I was left feeling satisfied and not guilty as I would have felt if I splurged on a twinkie or something!

These would make an awesome gift for a person who has everything or just a cupcake lover like me with the Cupcake of the Month Club, or even just a single cupcake (okay 2 or 3) as a gift to yourself! I will definitely be considering Bangerang Bakeshop for future splurges!

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