Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I took the WAT-AAH Challenge!

I was recently asked by Christine at WAT-AAH! Challenge! The challenge was simply to place the WAT-AAH! next to the “good stuff” (aka soda, milk, juice, kool-aid, etc) and see if my kids would choose the WAT-AAH! over the other less healthy choices.

My 3 yr old came home from Grandma's and as is her normal habit, she went to the fridge for a drink. She brought the blue variety (Brain) to me and asked if she could have it, I of course let her! I was surprised she would make that choice as she will normally go for the juice or choccy milk (chocolate milk) if either are available and there was plenty! After she finished the first bottle about an hour later she requested the remaining bottle after realizing there was no more blue left! She drank the Body variety with the same amount of gusto!

My other girls returned from school and saw the bottles in the trash and were disappointed Audra got to try something that they didn't!

Long story short, my little one really enjoyed the packaging and drank it even after realizing it was just water, and my older girls were also intrigued by the bottle design.

WAT-AAH! is available in 4 varieties: Brain, Bones, Body, and Energy! WAT-AAH! has absolutely NO sugar, NO artificial flavors, colors and/or unnatural additives. WAT-AAH! is ultra pure water containing just the right amount of essential minerals to fortify and maintain children's health! If you have trouble getting your kids to back off the juice, milk, kool-aid, etc I would definitely suggest giving WAT-AAH! a shot!

Thanks Christine for allowing us to take the challenge, it was very enlightening!

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