Monday, February 2, 2009

Giveaways 2/2

Well guys, I have been ridiculously busy this weekend, with working out and hanging out with friends, etc. My husband I have been doing Wii Fit daily and I am down 2 LBS again. I would have probably would have lost more if I hadn't made poor decisions when hanging out with friends. It is extremely hard to go the healthy route when everyone is getting my favorites! I am proud of the 2 LBS and proud of myself for continuing Wii Fit. The day after the first workout was terrible, but I continued on with it. The next day was even worse! Though last night after finishing my workout, I actually felt GREAT! I was a little tired but didn't feel absolutely destroyed!

I am trying to alternate strength training and aerobics days. I start with all the yoga selections I have unlocked to stretch out, then do a bit of hula hoops (the 3 min one) then I do all the strength training I have unlocked or all the aerobics I have unlocked (I love Rhythm Boxing!), then I finish up with balance exercises. It probably isnt an ideal setup but it is working for me now.

In other news, I got new contacts today! So I can see without my glasses bothering me, I don't know why but my glasses fit well but them resting on my nose hurt for some reason. I also got a new pair of glasses because my perscription changed so yay! I also got some violet tinted ones just to screw around :D

Anyway on to my wins for the past few days:

I won the 2FishKids My Week kid's calender at Skimbaco! This can be purchased at StorkBabyBoutique.Com!

I won a custom canvas from Little Darlin' Designs at A Latte in the morning!

I won an enamel pocket mirror from Little Pink Plum and $5 Starbucks GC at Mel, A Dramatic Mommy!

I won 6 grubbie scented candles from Celene's Treasure Chest.

I won a Yummie Tummie from Jolly Mom!

I am really excited I won Audra a pair of shows from See Kai Run at Grab Bag Reviews! I have been trying for a long time to win her some of these adorable shoes!

And the Giveaways, if you have submitted to me I will be adding them at the end of this list! I will be trying to get todays and the 3rd done:

Dexter's Super Savvy Mommy - Leah Sling from Eady Beady Bags - Enter here - ENDS FEB 3

Feisty, Frugal, & Fabulous - $25 US from Buzzillions - Enter here - ENDS TODAY AT 10 PM CST

Feisty, Frugal, & Fabulous - a prize pack from Boogie Wipes - Enter here - ENDS TODAY AT 11:59PM CST

Frugal Mommy of 2 Girls - Animal Bag from Boon, Inc - Enter here - ENDS FEB 3

Mommy in Pink - a pair of Leg Huggers in the style of your choice - Enter here - ENDS FEB 3

Nurse Mommy - Lily on the Fly starter kit - Enter here - ENDS FEB 3

All Because Two People Fell in Love - a $30 Gift Certificate to Good for the Kids - Enter here - ENDS TODAY

All Because Two People Fell in Love - $25 US from Buzzillions - Enter here - ENDS FEB 3

A Little Bliss - two of Tickle Me Pink Bowtique's bows in your choice of color - Enter here - ENDS FEB 3

The Funky Monkey - A $15 gift certificate to Apple Blossom Designs - Enter here - ENDS TODAY

Mogul Baby - a Kid Essentials Lunchbox kit - Enter here - ENDS TODAY

An Optimistic Beauty - a Proud Peacock pendent from Home Studio - Enter here - ENDS FEB 3

She Scribes - a year subscription to Relish - Enter here - ENDS TODAY

Sage and Savvy - a Tasting Squares 24 Count Gift Book from Dagoba - Enter here - ENDS TODAY

Go Graham Go - Couponizer - Enter here - ENDS TODAY

Posh Point of View - a prize pack from Boogie Wipes - Enter here - ENDS FEB 3

Momma Findings - a tote from Tanner Bananer - Enter here - ENDS TODAY

A Wrestling Addicted Mommy - a Sweetheart Black Apron from Carolyn’s Kitchen - Enter here - ENDS FEB 3

Inside Out - a Valentine's Day skirt and a pair of Kool Kid Legs of your choice from Mama Runs With Scissors - Enter here - ENDS FEB 2

Go Graham Go - a shirt from Just Be - Enter here - ENDS FEB 3

An Island Review - an assortment of Buriti Baby products - Enter here - ENDS TODAY

The Funky Monkey - A Puzzibits Megamix 1250 Piece Set from Manhattan Toy - Enter here - ENDS FEB 2

Jamie's Precious Peas - Gracie Ruffle skirt from Marie-Madeline Studio - Enter here - ENDS FEB 3

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