Saturday, January 31, 2009

Wii Fit, welcome to pain!

Well, we got our tax return in today. So, I decided we need to go to Best Buy because my PSP has been being a pain and only allowing me to play a total of 10 minutes off the charger. That won't do so we headed to Best Buy for a replacement.

Imagine my excitement when we walked up and on the door was a printed out sign that said, "We have Wiis and Wii Fits!" Let me tell you my heart did a little hop step, if you know me I have been covetting these since my Wii told me they came out. I needed a Wii fit, you see I need to be guilted into working out. I can handle diets and everything, it sucks but I persevere. Exercise? Well I have some very sailor type language to say at that. I got a treadmill for Christmas a long time ago before I moved here, I ran on that thing everyday! Why? That thing cost money! So, I bargained with myself if I was going to watch Primetime television, I was going to be running (walking atleast) on that treadmill while I was watching. And so I did, until I moved here and realized that I couldn't ship it because the cost was ridiculous. I reasoned with myself, I have been walking miles a day on this thing for 6 months, its a habit! I can just walk outside now! So, I gave it to my little sister (who uses it daily) and got my butt here to Tulsa sans treadmill.

Did I stick to my original plan? NO! That guilt was passed on to my sister, it was her responsibility to make the treadmill worth the cash now! Oh sure, I sorta walked. I walked to my job 2 miles away, until it got hot outside. Then I would sweat and I can't show up to work sweaty! I walked home too, when I walked there because I had no choice! I had my husband drop me off at work on hot days, sure I could walk home in that case! The air cools at night, you know? I didn't walk home though, because I was tired (after sitting on my butt talking on the phone all day mind you)! After the summer months I stopped walking because it was too far and too hard, I had gotten out of shape and just kept up with being lazy. It's easier that way, and my husband finds me beautiful no matter what (I love him so much ya'll! He is the most wonderful guy to me in making sure I know he find me attractive).

This pattern has gone on my entire life, during cheerleading I worked out because everyone had to. When I got a 6 month gym membership for my Birthday. The list goes on, I have always stayed for as long as I had to. 2 years of cheerleading, 6 months of gym membership, however long it took to get my friend down to her goal weight for her wedding. I always slip and falter when the guilt or need subsides.

So, I got a Wii Fit, it cost a lot of money for us during these tight times. But it is an investment in my health, in my family's health by seeing me take care of myself (instead of allowing myself to be a sloth), and eventually it will lower medical bills from me having problems from being overweight. I feel the guilt driving me sorta only that money really got pulled out of thin air so to speak (I got the equivalent yesterday from doing surveys, and other things). This was money that was mine to spend. So you guys have to be my accountability. Hello, guilt machines!

Heres the deal, I won't lie to you dear readers. Not in my reviews, not in my personal life, not in anything. I believe in total honesty. This blog is for me to get out my thoughts on to paper, if I lie to myself, what is the point? So, every Monday I will be letting you know my progress. If I gained weight, if I didn't exercise atleast 5 times a week. I am going to tell you, dear reader.

If that happens, I want you to KICK MY BUTT! I know it seems crazy, I need accountability! I need to stop looking at myself and being disgusted with myself. I need to stop talking about getting healthy and JUST do it! I want to be able to wear a bathing suit without a ginormous XXL Tshirt to balloon around me and hide my rolls! Yes rolls, dear reader! Spare tire, muffin top, whatever you want to call it. I am sick to death of it! So today, is a new day, today is a day of change. Today is the day where I stop expecting diet to do it all, and I actually complete the equation of eat less, EXERCISE MORE!

So, enough of that tirade, dear reader. We went in, and there was a table full of Wii accessories. There was a worker there and I asked her where the Wii Fits were located, she said they kept them in the back. I asked her if we should grab it now, or is ther eplenty so I can shop around. She said there was ONE left! So, I asked her to PLEASE get it! We got a few accessories, such as the silicone cover, rechargeable battery pack (we don't like to use regular batteries, because I am pretty sure it sucks for the environment), and a charging dock for our wiimotes (husband saw it and decided it is a pain to pull out the rechargeable batteries and charge them every once in awhile). I also got my new battery pack for my PSP. I was thrilled, it seemed like such luck that when I had the money finally to purchase it, I got it before I even started to work at finding one (I expected it to be really hard and I was going to have to make my husband camp out like he did with the Wii!).

My husband assured me he didn't want anything to do with this thing (Wii Fit), he didn't need an expensive toy telling him how to work out, etc. I got home, threw the cheap batteries in there while the rechargeable pack was charging and started playing. I cursed the game like a sailor while it made my Wii a balloon and told me my Wii fit age was 37! I am 28! I started with the balance games. My husband watched and laughed at me headbutted soccer balls, tried to get Mii marbles in the hole. I laughed too, because I felt ridiculous. It was fun but I knew I MUST look silly.

You will never guess what happened next, my husband asked for a try! So he was subjected to the same bloating and age anaysis as I was! Then, he played! Let me tell you, we played for a long time together. It does look ridiculous! We were looking ridiculous together though. We were just messing around on the balance games though, sweating like crazy!

Then, he played for 30 minutes, without prodding. Cursing the strength training the whole time! He realized this wasn't a game that sorta works you out. This is a workout masquerading as a game! He did those 30 minutes after wanting nothing to do with this GAME! He has vowed to continue "playing" for 30 minutes a day.

Then it was my turn for my 30 minutes. I started out with hula hoops. Why because that is easy! WRONG! My abs are on fire! I struggled thru stength training. Readers, seriously, I was trying my best to keep up on the Pushup things, but I can't do a real push up. Put I can do the one arm part. I was flopping on the floor like a fish out of water trying to transition from knee pushups to the one arm thing smoothly. My arms were dying! Lunges were terrible, my legs were shaking and I was hating my trainer. I muttered obscenities as that horrible lady made me do jackknives. I finished my 30 minutes...

Honestly though, I am complaining about the pain here, but I had fun. I feel proud of myself, because even though it was tough, I finished. I did it, and I will do it tomorrow, and the day after, etc. This is one thing I AM giving myself, this is one thing I will not concede. I live life for my kids, and my husband. THIS IS MINE! I can have 30 minutes a day, so I can be a good role model, so I can show my girls how to have good self esteems by having one myself.

I won't let my girls make their own save files though, I don't want them told they are overweight. They can play all they want and have fun. I just don't want them to hear that. If anyone with a Wii Fit knows how they can play, and unlock games WITHOUT doing the whole BMI thing, please let me know so I can let them do that!

Thank you in advance, for keeping me honest. For helping me reach my goals, and for joining in my journey of being one hot mama! Love you guys!

Yeah, I am know I didn't do the 31st, I was playing with my Wii Fit! Sorry!

I also forgot to add, my PSP requires a different battery type because it is really old, do I went for no reason, but maybe God was helping me out! I hope so!


  1. Good for you for taking the step to get fit. Also, how awesome that your husband did it with you.

    I love my Wii and would love to do it 5 days a week but only manage about 2-3. I think you could totally get fit using this everyday.

    I don't know how much you should put into that age thing. I am 42 and my game tells me I am 34 (nice for me) however, I feel 90 some days.

  2. Thanks for becoming a follower of my blog! I love that because that road takes me to some great new your blog!
    I love new friends!
    Thanks again!


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