Monday, December 22, 2008

Giveaways 12/22

Its been a busy week and it doesn't seem to be ending soon! I have been so ridiculously swamped with stuff to do for Christmas! So, as you can see giveaways have taken the back burner! For those who have made submissions to me I humbly apologize, I have only been checking my mail MAYBE twice per day and it is pretty much just checking it and filing to respond or blog it later. I have definitely been wanting to hit up everyone's blogs but I just don't have the time! When everything goes back to normal I will be back on my normal schedule!

Since I have a bit of time to breathe here are a few giveaways that are all ending today!

An Island Review - an Oral-B Triumph SmartGlide Power Toothbrush - Enter here - ENDS TODAY

A Wrestling Addicted Mommy - The Potty Caddy - Enter here - ENDS TODAY

Does Mommy Love It? - one hairclip from Little Chirpy Bird - Enter here - ENDS TODAY

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  1. BTW there's a little something 4 u @ my blog.. and Happy New Year!!!


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