Monday, November 3, 2008


I keep getting these weird emails after the bloggy carnival, they are all from the same address

Hello Dear,
My name is CENSORED ,i read about you in site and i decide to contact you hopeing that you will accept my request,if you accept my request ,please reply to my email address (CENSORED) so that i will send you my photos and more about me,i believe we can make good friends,let distance not be a barrier but lets love connect,because love is a bridge connect far distance to be close.

That is the same email, everytime except the where they read about me blog is different everytime, I have gotten this email 3 times in the past 30 minutes.

Is this spam? And what is it they are requesting of me? I am confused. Is anyone else getting this stuff?


  1. I think it's a bot.
    Do you have filtering?
    I haven't gotten that one but I did get ONE that said HI.
    I guess I'm not as exciting as you!

  2. I got that exact same email. And I thought what the heck?


    By the way just started a new giveaway today!

  4. I agree with mannequin. Filtering does not always work. Spam sucks! BTW, you've been tagged!


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