Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Promom Couture

Today, I received the T-shirt I won from Promom Couture in the giveaway that was hosted by Momma in Flip Flops2. Unfortunately, my camera is a really old piece of crap so I can't show you a picture other than this stock picture! Mine has that print only it is light blue, its a really nice color. When I received it I immediately changed into the shirt because it was nice and soft! OK, really who am I kidding I actually hadn't gotten dressed yet and needed to anyway!

I was really excited to win this because I am happy to be a Mom and all that, but I honestly can't stand the shirts that are the standard Mother's Day fare, you know what I mean right? #1 Mom or Best Mom in the World, etc the sentiment is great but they are always tacky, and oversized and I feel like I just need a pair of my mother's jeans to pull the look off. I am trying to hold on to my sense of style (in public) and still proclaim to the world, hey I am a happy mom!

These definitely fit the bill, the shirt is fitted. I should have probably gone a size down because I am starting to loose weight (YAY!) and is very soft, and the print is awesome! I am very happy with this shirt and you should stop by Promom Couture and see about getting one for yourself! I guarantee you will not be disapponted with the product and this will be a Mom shirt they you are happy leaving the house in!

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