Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Baby Potential

About a month ago my daughter received a Scientist Badge T-shirt from Baby Potential. These are great shirts because they don't say things like Princess, Cutie, etc. come on we already know our little girls are cute little princesses! Someday, our little princesses will grow up (please not too fast) and will end up doing great things. My daughter is very smart and she loves doing little experiments (mixing food color tinted water and things of that nature) so I know someday she will be doing something in the field of science.

I would take a picture but my camera is being a pain, plus it's a piece of junk but I digress! When I received it I was a little concerned that the needlework on the collar and holding the badge on would unravel, but this has been washed several times and it is showing no signs of unraveling! The shirt seems to be very comfortable and of high quality itself, and it washed easily and didn't really need any special care (thank goodness, I hate baby clothes that require special handling).

I have received many compliments on the shirt and she really enjoys wearing it. So, Thank you Baby Potential for creating such an awesome product for my little Scientist!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love the T-shirts that aren't just cutesy.

  2. OOOHHHHH! I TOTALLY NEED THAT because I am a Scientist with two daughters! Thanks for showing it to us!

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  4. Love it! My three year old daughter is always chasing after bugs with a magnifying glass and checking kid's encyclopedias out in the library. What a great idea.


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