Thursday, September 4, 2008

Meet the Sight Words Review

I received Meet the Sight Words 1-3 from Preschool Prep Co. on Saturday, my daughter was at Grandma's until Tuesday morning so I totally forgot about receiving them! Audra immediately saw them on the dining room table when she got home, she wanted to watch the Piggy Moozee (translation: Piggy Movie, Meet the Sight Words 2 has a Pig on the cover)! She watched it several times that day, because she didn't want to stop watching the Piggy Moozee!

Audra is 3 years old, she has been watching this movie at any given opportunity for 2 days now. She can already consistently read she, he, with, my, see, but, like, and they! In fact, as I was typing that list she was reading me the words after I typed them!

Audra doesn't know her letters, numbers, colors, or shapes consistently but she can read those words, and others not very consistently but close! OK, She can tell Triangles and Circles consistently as well as draw them. I am just amazed. We have been working on all of those things and she just won't pick it up! I thought that she was still too young for that stuff. She is always too busy doing physical type things, puzzles mostly.

Let me tell you, I was skeptical about this when I saw it. I didn't believe that just watching a movie a 3 year old could learn to read some words! I was proven wrong and hope to pick up the Meet the Letters, Numbers, Colors, and Shapes pack when I get the money! I am sold!

This is a great product! Also, let me state that I wasn't paid to write this. I won this in a giveaway from Seven Dogs and A Baby (Thank You SO Much!) and like I said I was skeptical but I figured I might as well enter because it will be free. :D So definitely go check out their products, they work miracles!

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