Friday, September 5, 2008

I Spy Private Eye Game

Designed for ages 5 and up, this is a shake up the cubes, press the timer and go game! You have 30 seconds to memorize all pictures on the 9 dice before the buzzer beeps and they are covered up. Once covered, take an I Spy card and spy all the pictures that match the dice. If you spied correctly keep the card. If not, leave the card on the table. The next player has the chance to win any of the uncollected cards on the table in addition to their own card. The pile will continue to grow until one player wins them or the draw pile runs out. If you think your opponent spied incorrectly- challenge them! Take the magnifying glass and shout "I spy more!" before the lid is removed. Then name all the items that your opponent might of missed or guessed incorrectly. If the challenger is right, he wins the card. If not, he loses a card and has to place it in the pile on the table. To become the super sleuth and win the game simply have the most cards once they are all collected. This game is a perfect way to work on memory for younger kids, especially if they love the I Spy books!

One I'm no supermom reader will win a Briarpatch I Spy Private Eye game. This giveaway ends September 11, 11:59 pm!

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