Sunday, August 3, 2008

Requesting a Review

I welcome pitches from PR people, or anyone wanting to promote their website, product or service.

Please make sure that the information or product is family friendly before contacting me.

Please do NOT use the comments section on my blog to blatantly promote your product, website, or service or your client's products, website, or service. Comments of this nature will be deleted.

I write websites, blog reviews, book reviews, as well as product reviews here on my blog in addition to writing other posts. Being the mother of five children, I am available to review a variety of products and books geared towards adults as well as children. My children are all girls and range in between the ages of 3 years and 14 years.

Website/blog reviews
are $20. (payable via paypal). Your website or blog will be reviewed personally by me. The written review will be a minimum of 200 words. You are afforded the opportunity to ask for specific keywords you would like for me to include along with any specific links you wish linked to those keywords and any image. The review will be posted live on my blog within 48 hours of your request. You will be provided with a direct link to the review post on my blog. Payment for the review is expected within 7 days of the date the review is posted. I reserve the right to decline any website or blog review that is not family appropriate as well as reserve the right to decline any image that is not family appropriate.

Book and Product Reviews
- I ask that the author or company send me one of the item for my personal use. This way I can give an honest review as opposed to fabrication on how I imagine the product to be. I will write the review in exchange for the item. Said item will be mine to keep after the review is written. A link to the item reviewed as well as a link to the homepage of the site is provided within the review. I do request the permission to use a photo of the item from the company's website if possible. In addition to the Book and Product review, I afford the company the option to offer a like item for a giveaway. I will conduct the giveaway for you, taking care of the details myself. When possible, I request that the company send out the prize to the winner. I can send the item to the winner though if necessary.

I reserve the right to decline any book or product that is not family appropriate as well as reserve the right to decline any image that is not family appropriate.

- If you would like me to host a giveaway, I would like to try the product myself so I can include a review on the giveaway posting so my readers know what kind of product they are getting. The entry period would typically last 1 week, and in order to participate they must visit your site or shop. They will be able to earn additional entries by linking to your site on their blog.

If you are interested in my service of honest reviews and/or giveaway hosting, please contact me via MommyhoodisThankless{at}

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